There are quite a few methods how Locksmiths open doors. The method used really depends on the type of door and locks installed.

In the UK, locksmiths are professionals trained and approved to help with locked out services. These arrive on your premises and provide options to open your doors.

Most locksmiths offer a non-destructive way of opening your doors. This is usually the first, most preferred method before resulting in the destructive method.

To understand how locksmiths open doors, especially in a non-destructive way, we outline below a few of the methods commonly used to regain access to your property.

It is important to know that locksmiths are not just trained in manipulating locks but most have had a lot of experience dealing with numerous lock types. RJA expert locksmiths for instance are known for their experience and expertise in this area.


  1. Lock Picking

Locksmiths carry a comprehensive tool set including a pick set. This is one of the most common first options a locksmith will consider opening a lock without key.

Trained and experienced locksmiths can expertly manipulate a lock mechanism to open it with no damage whatsoever to the lock. If you get certified locksmiths, you shouldn’t worry about insecurity and damage to your locks.

A locksmith can use a set of special picking tools to pick a lock, whilst some use electric picking guns. Some locks may require the locksmith to use a mortice lock decoder. Manual sliding of the lock latch can also work with certain locks and is a method a locksmith may use.


  1. Bump Keys

Sometimes a locksmith use bump keys especially for tumbler lock types. These keys can break in a lock mechanism bypassing it to open it.



  1. Using a Letter Box Tool

This is a fully extendable locksmith tool that can reach about four feet and manipulate locks in different ways to open them.

Workable mechanism of the tool includes gripping round knobs and lever handles and lifting dropped snibs. A letter box can even pull back particular door chain types and surface bolts.

  1. Reprogramming

Modern keyless lock systems present unique problems which cannot be solved by picking or use of bump keys or other tools. Savvy locksmiths have trained on how to reprogram contemporary keyless entry systems. Informing a locksmith what type of lock you have can save you waiting time and disappointment.

  1. Key removal

At times a key may get stuck or break in lock posing problems. A trained locksmith comes with the needed tools and is skilled to remove the key without causing further damage to a lock.

  1. Using Lubrication

Locks may get stuck and refuse to open, even after picking. If a locksmith identifies this as the problem, they can use effective lubricants to help a lock work better to open it.


  1. Lock changing

Some locks may be very stubborn and refuse to open. This usually happens if the locks are old and not well maintained. A locksmith usually has the tools and skills to change any lock. The good thing about changing locks is that one gets a chance to upgrade to newer modern locks.


  1. Destructive methods

At times, a locksmith may result to the last option of opening a lock and helping you regain access to your premises.


Be cautious of locksmiths who are eager to try lock changing and destructive methods of opening locks. They are probably unprofessional and lack locksmiths skills.


One of the most common destructive methods is cylinder grilling. A lock replacement will be needed if any destructive method is used.


For more information on how locksmiths open doors, the options above offer the most common methods, but feel free to contact us at RJA Locksmithing to answer your questions.

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