Emergency Locksmiths Altrincham Services

At RJA Locksmithing Ltd, we provide emergency locksmiths Altrincham services, designed to ensure you can gain access or secure your property.

All our services are fully insured and carried out by a certified professional.

Having provided emergency Locksmith services in and around Altrincham, Locksmiths Knutsford & Warrington and various areas nearby, we understand our customers want a local service that can act quickly and be on-site as fast as possible, should the worse happen. This is why RJA Locksmiths Ltd only operate within a certain geographical area in and around Altrincham, to ensure our level of service and response times are as high as possible. We provide a range of services for our customers ranging from emergency replacement locks, boarding, security and break-in repairs, window locks replacement and Lock Mechanism Repairs.

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Please see below A break down of our emergency Locksmith services delivered in and around Altrincham.


Callouts- Locked out? Need access in an emergency?

We’re here to help, you know the scenario, you have been on a night out, or just been shopping, you reach in your pocket or handbag and realise your keys are no longer there and you cannot get into your home.
This is where we can help with our 24 hour callout service.

We use non-destructive entry methods to regain access to your home, so you can finally relax and continue your day or evening. On average we can get you back into your home within 1 hour, ensuring you are able to stay fully secure and safe. We offer highly competitive rates starting from £45.


Emergency Lock replacement

Sometimes there are events that arise that require you to take action and replace your locks on both front and back doors. We offer a comprehensive lock replacement service using only high grade locking systems such as Snap-safe, Anti-Pick and Anti-Drill cylinders for extra peace of mind and added security for your home. We will come out to your new and fit these locks quickly and effectively often being completed with a 24 hour window, with prices starting as low as £54.99 with the following locks at a discounted price. We aim to ensure you feel both comfortable and safe with your new locks, which is why we only use certified installers to fit them.


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Break in repairs

Although Altrincham can be a really safe place, you do still on occasion have burglaries. Having your property violated can leave you feeling scared and uncomfortable where you should feel safest, that’s where we come in. With a fast response time, we can have your house re-secured in no time! We offer boarding up services and replacing window panes, replacing Locks and damaged door handles while generally bolstering your security to stop it happening again. We can also provide complete lock replacements and additional security to ensure you have peace of mind and feel safe once more.

Lock Mechanism Repairs

Is your PVC door handle drooping, dropping or not engaging anything? Chances are it’s the mechanism and not the lock. We pride ourselves on being mechanism and gearbox specialists. We can attend your property and fix most issues with the internal lock mechanisms, there and then and if we cannot fix it, we can offer lock replacement so you can ensure peak security on your PVC doors.

Code Locks- Looking for interior security for your Altrincham based business?

Code locks can be a fantastic way of achieving interior security, brilliant for commercial properties and businesses with staff turnover. Once fitted they can have their codes changed easily rather than being replaced. They are a great way of securing home offices, workshops or staff accommodations. We will attend your business property and fit premium code locks on request. The Code lock supply and fit service start from £60, being highly competitive but still a great security option for your business.


Window Locks

PVC windows can sometimes be prone to lock failure causing misaligned locking mechanisms resulting in you being unable to shut windows properly, which in turn creates drafts and security issues.  At RJA we are experts in both door and window locks and can usually solve and fix issues with PVC windows, quickly and effectively. Whether you want the lock changed or the mechanism has failed we can help

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Emergency Locksmiths Altrincham – Free security assessments and Quotes

If you’re thinking about tightening your security or feel you have a problem arising, give us a call on 07565 614 767

We can come and have a look and assess your current security levels and advise and guide you on the best course of action to fully secure your property. 

We can also provide a no-obligation quote, so you know exactly how much it will cost to purchase and install the right security systems for you.

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All RJA Locksmiths are fully qualified and insured. We are DBS-checked experts which is why we have the confidence to tell you that you can trust us. Rest assured our specialists will do a fantastic job which will leave you satisfied.



You can call RJA Locksmithing Ltd any time, any day of the week. We understand events such as this can happen at any hour of the day.


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Our rates are very competitive and we will reach you as quickly as possible, and offer the best help to get you driving again in no time.


Please do not hesitate to call us on 07565 614 767 for instant response when locked out of your car. You could also use our contact us page or our email enquires@rjalocksmithing.co.uk if you have questions or if your problem doesn't need immediate attention.