A Guide To Lock Outs

Are you locked out of your home or office without a spare key? Our experts provide the best solution and allow you to regain access to your house in a non-destructive way.

At RJA Locksmithing Ltd, we have specialists you can contact anytime you are locked out of your property. We are fully certified, and insured professionals who operate in the entire Northwest region of the UK providing a 24-hour callout service for those unable to regain access to their homes.

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What does a Lock Out fix Entail?

Situations that lead to one being unable to access their homes are numerous. You might have lost your keys, left them at a friend’s or lost your purse or bag with the keys in it. Maybe your locks don’t need keys to lock and you ended locking keys inside. At times people leave work keys at home only to find they don’t have them once they reach the office.


You could also be unfortunate to have your key snap in the lock making it impossible to unlock your door. Sometimes locks jam or become faulty. You will need someone with the skill to open your door. Luckily, our locksmiths at RJA are competent and available quickly to help you.


People panic and end up doing something rash like breaking into their own home. You might even consider forcing or picking the lock yourself. Such a decision can lead to a damaged lock which presents new problems.


While locked out of your house is itself an emergency, do not bother emergency services like the police or fire brigade. They will most likely suggest that you get a locksmith.


How do we fix a Lock Out?

Usually, locks with no keys require picking. You should never worry about that because we are approved professionals for this kind of job. There is no risk of damage to your lock with RJA Locksmiths. Please do not hesitate to call us for a reassuring service of a non-destructive way of opening locks without keys.


If you ever find yourself in such a situation, please contact us immediately. RJA Locksmiths Ltd will send locksmiths to your home quickly and help you enter your house. Our highly skilled and experienced specialists will be able to open your locks without any damage. You won’t have to worry about damaged locks and can just get your keys or spares later.


How long does it take?

Usually, it takes about half an hour on average to open locks. This period varies depending on the type of lock you have. For instance, it might take a locksmith longer to unlock a high-security anti-snap lock than a basic euro cylinder lock. Most wooden doors come with 2 locks fitted so it may take the locksmith longer to unlock.

Our experts at RJA Locksmithing Ltd do their best to provide quick yet great service.


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Why GO WITH us?

Why Choose RJA Locksmithing's Auto Lock Service?

City & Guilds Accredited


All RJA Locksmiths are fully qualified and insured. We are DBS-checked experts which is why we have the confidence to tell you that you can trust us. Rest assured our specialists will do a fantastic job which will leave you satisfied.



You can call RJA Locksmithing Ltd any time, any day of the week. We understand events such as this can happen at any hour of the day.


Top-quality affordable service

Our rates are very competitive and we will reach you as quickly as possible, and offer the best help to get you driving again in no time.


Please do not hesitate to call us on 07565 614 767 for instant response when locked out of your car. You could also use our contact us page or our email enquires@rjalocksmithing.co.uk if you have questions or if your problem doesn't need immediate attention.