A Guide To Lock Replacement

Do you live in the Northwest region of the UK and need to replace your door or window locks? RJA Locksmithing Ltd is the ideal company to engage. We are a team of highly skilled and approved locksmiths who can change a complete locking mechanism for you. Every lock we use come with certified standards and made to offer excellent security in its lifetime. If you require emergency lock replacement, we can offer great service.

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Why would I need lock replacement?

People change locks for several reasons. Here are some common reasons that our clients have when they need a lock replacement.



Burglars may damage door or window locks beyond repair. Usually, these require emergency lock replacement service. Our locksmiths can change the entire lock or the mechanism of the lock quickly allowing you to reinforce the security of your home and further help to prevent break in repairs.


Need to Improve Security

At times one gets paranoid and decide to change their locks. Maybe they found information that the locks they are using are prone to picking or easy damage. People also acquire high-value properties and find the need to improve the security of their premises. You might need to deter a person you had any type of relationship with from accessing your house. We understand great security helps reassure our customers and offer the best lock replacements.


Faulty Locks

Locks, especially, low-quality ones are prone to damage which happens over time leaving one with a disturbing faulty lock. Some of these locks end up being too damaged to allow repair. Our locksmiths can identify such locks and replace the mechanism or the entire lock.



Sometimes when people move to new homes, they prefer to have their locks changed


Lost keys

People have reasons to change their locks especially if they suspect their keys were stolen by people who might need to access their homes later. We’ll help you get peace of mind


Keyed alike

Clients also want to improve convenience by having a single key for multiple locks. Our expert locksmiths can change locks to keyed alike.

How we do Lock Replacement?

At RJA Locksmithing Ltd, we have experts who can efficiently assess your home and be able to recommend ideal locks or procedure. We can advise on lock replacement or lock mechanism change. Our locksmiths can replace almost every British lock as well as change its locking mechanism thanks to our extensive experience and skill. While we can deal with any lock, we only recommend and install top-quality locking systems such as Snap-safe Anti-Pick Anti-Drill cylinders for improved security.


How Long does it take?

It takes little time for our skilled locksmiths to replace a lock usually a few minutes but we cannot really know how long it will take to change the number of locks in your house unless you talk to us. You can always contact us for a free assessment and estimate of how long it might take to replace your locks.


How much can I spend on lock replacement?

While lock replacement services vary depending on the type and number of locks changed, our specialists can offer an estimate. You can contact us for a non-obligation quote. We believe we have very competitive prices starting at £54.99 and allow discounted rates for our range of high-quality locks.



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Why Choose RJA Locksmithing's Auto Lock Service?

City & Guilds Accredited


All RJA Locksmiths are fully qualified and insured. We are DBS-checked experts which is why we have the confidence to tell you that you can trust us. Rest assured our specialists will do a fantastic job which will leave you satisfied.



You can call RJA Locksmithing Ltd any time, any day of the week. We understand events such as this can happen at any hour of the day.


Top-quality affordable service

Our rates are very competitive and we will reach you as quickly as possible, and offer the best help to get you driving again in no time.


Please do not hesitate to call us on 07565 614 767 for instant response when locked out of your car. You could also use our contact us page or our email enquires@rjalocksmithing.co.uk if you have questions or if your problem doesn't need immediate attention.