A Guide To Lock Maintenance

Our Locksmith Maintenance Service offers peace of mind whilst ensuring the security of your premises. Maybe you are finding faulty locks, window panes and handles and thinking of having them repaired or replaced. To attain the peace of mind that you desire you’ll require a qualified locksmith. For the residents and businesspeople in the Northwest region of the UK, RJA Locksmithing Ltd is the company to go to. We offer excellent locksmith maintenance services. Our comprehensive service will certainly leave you happy and contented.

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What does Locksmith Maintenance entail?

People usually become concerned with the security of their homes or businesses. As time goes by, repeated use of doors, windows, handles and locks may lead to damage. A door may drop, get out of line or such. Windows too fail with time and can’t close properly. This may cause draft and security issues. Locks get old and fail. Others are damaged by burglaries and vandalism. Maybe your children played with locks and ended up destroying them. Or you just want everything checked and repaired or replaced. Our expert locksmiths at RJA will offer quality comprehensive locksmith maintenance service. We believe we can leave you fully satisfied with our work.


How we do it?

Usually, when you contact us, we send our specialists to your house or business. This way, we can be able to assess the security of your premises and determine what measures to take. We will then provide the right services needed to improve your security. Our locksmiths are well versed in a range of locks, doors and windows. So, rest assured we will know exactly what is needed to reinforce your home or office security. No job under the locksmith category is hard for us. We will do it well, allowing assurance for you and your family.


Summary of our locksmith maintenance services

– Security assessment

– Lock repair

Lock replacement

– Lock system replacement

– Handle repair

– Door repair

– Door replacement

– Window repair

– Window replacement

– Window panes replacement


How long does it take?

On average, maintenance services take between one and a few hours. This is determined by the number of repairs or replacement jobs our locksmiths have to do on your premises. We can advise on the time we’ll spend providing our services if you talk to us. Our very experienced and personable specialists can give an excellent estimate of how long it will take. For better service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Why GO WITH us?

Why Choose RJA Locksmithing's Auto Lock Service?

City & Guilds Accredited


All RJA Locksmiths are fully qualified and insured. We are DBS-checked experts which is why we have the confidence to tell you that you can trust us. Rest assured our specialists will do a fantastic job which will leave you satisfied.



You can call RJA Locksmithing Ltd any time, any day of the week. We understand events such as this can happen at any hour of the day.


Top-quality affordable service

Our rates are very competitive and we will reach you as quickly as possible, and offer the best help to get you driving again in no time.


Please do not hesitate to call us on 07565 614 767 for instant response when locked out of your car. You could also use our contact us page or our email enquires@rjalocksmithing.co.uk if you have questions or if your problem doesn't need immediate attention.