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At RJA Locksmithing Ltd, we provide a range of Locksmith services designed to ensure you can gain access or secure your property.

All our services are fully insured and carried out by a certified professional.

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Lock Outs

We all know sometimes the worst does happen and you can end up locked out of you’re property. RJA Locksmithing can gain access to a property where a tenant/owner has locked themselves out of in a non-destructive way. Ensuring the very minimum amount of damage to the door or entry point and continuing to maintain security.


Break in Repairs

For those occasions where undesirables have attempted access to your property, often breaking or damaging Locks, door and windows handles/mechanisms. We provide a full replacement and securing service, to ensure only people permitted access can gain entry. We act quickly to reduce the amount of stress and ensure your property is secure once more.


Lock Replacement

We understand the need to have locks changed for a range of reasons. We replace the complete locking mechanism on any and all doors windows as requested. All our locks are manufactured to certified standards and provide excellent security throughout.


Locksmith Maintenance

For peace of mind, we provide a maintenance service, where we can come out to your property and repair any issues that may come up with locking mechanisms and doors, whether the door has dropped and is catching or the whole mechanism has failed same goes for windows. We make sure everything is working again as best as possible.


Boarding Service

If you have a broken window or pane of glass we can also provide a boarding service to secure the property ahead of a replacement window pane being installed. This is a quick option to ensure security is maintained at your property.

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Why GO WITH us?

Why Choose RJA Locksmithing's Auto Lock Service?

City & Guilds Accredited


All RJA Locksmiths are fully qualified and insured. We are DBS-checked experts which is why we have the confidence to tell you that you can trust us. Rest assured our specialists will do a fantastic job which will leave you satisfied.



You can call RJA Locksmithing Ltd any time, any day of the week. We understand events such as this can happen at any hour of the day.


Top-quality affordable service

Our rates are very competitive and we will reach you as quickly as possible, and offer the best help to get you driving again in no time.


Please do not hesitate to call us on 07565 614 767 for instant response when locked out of your car. You could also use our contact us page or our email enquires@rjalocksmithing.co.uk if you have questions or if your problem doesn't need immediate attention.